Sheet metal and welding parts

Sheet metal and welding parts made ​​by TPS are a class apart. In them the experience of many successful projects connected. Together with our solution expertise they form the strong foundation of the TPS technology.

The TPS GmbH is your strong partner for demanding tasks. As a leading supplier in the stamping and bending, welding and assembly technology TPS stands for certified high technology "Made in Germany".

Whether processing pipe or sheet metal work using the latest techniques such as CNC bending, hydroforming, nibbling or CNC bending, but also with CNC punching and CNC laser cutting can be achieved in our operating results in high quality.

If you have special product requirements:

  • Punch holes, punching breakthroughs and lasers outer contour
  • Punching and laser cutting in one operation
  • Bending elaborate outer contours, high fitting accuracy at small radii and small arms
  • Flexible muster of text, logos, serial numbers, 2D and barcodes. With screen printing and laser marking systems
  • Mark free stamping, punching holes, lasers outer contour
  • High accuracy at small radii and smallleg lengths, high angular accuracy and extremely large edge clearance
  • Precise welds by TIG welding processes an surface finish on all sides. Seal welded by TIG welding, powder coating and foamed seals

Click here to gain a visual impression of what we do in the sheet-metal technology sector. Naturally, we offer a lot more than what you see here, but a full elaboration of all our services would be beyond the scope of this gallery.

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