CNC turned parts, automatic lathe parts, milled parts, sheet metal parts & gears

In an industry in the precision, reliability and quality are a prerequisite, we want to provide you with our special promise still an important building block for a great cooperation:  confidence!

TPS GmbH is a regional company with a focus on turning parts and polishing tools in mold making. In terms of quality, flexibility and short-term delivery, we want to set standards.

We support our customers with our reliability and flexibility in all areas of cooperation. We do not see ourselves as a pure service provider or CNC pay-turners, but for our customers we are the technology partner who generates reliable, continuous quality and takes responsibility and trust.


Department of TPS Production - Turning and Milling

In our focus are series parts between 100 and 10.000 pieces per month.

We accompany your parts from the construction over the prototype and pilot series production up to serial delivery to you.

     CNC turned parts from the bar between Ø 5 and Ø 50 mm Bar diameter with round & polygonal bars. Chuck turned parts between Ø 51 and Ø 200 mm.

     CNC milled parts XYZ: 508 x 406 x 356 mm

     Module assembly with functional test.

Department of TPS Production - polishing in tools and mold making

Line polishes as well as gloss & high polish polishes

  •      Dash polish e.g. Grain 180, 240, 320
  •      Heat cracks start
  •      Warp welded areas
  •      Gloss polishing & mirror polishing of whole shapes
  •      Polishing tool cores including plasma nitriding
  •      Apply a protective layer of MolDaDur to scratches on polished surfaces.


  •      Suburban service for large tools
  •      Polishing also over the weekend
  •      Laser contract welding for repairs in tool and mold making
  •      Laser connection - welding
  •      Engraving with laser
  •      and the technology TIG welding

PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT of CNC milling parts, sheet metal parts and gear wheels

Your advantages: Our goal for our customers is the realization of procurement management at competitive conditions. A good quality is always the focus.

We therefore work with our well-known cooperation partners. A running article will then remain with a cooperation partner so that we have a consistently high quality for you.

By taking over administrative work, we are significantly relieving you as a buyer. You can take your time for your important work and projects. You will then have a certified serial supplier, which you can use from turning technology, milling technology, sheet metal technology and drive technology.

Certification since 2011 by

 - DIN EN ISO   9001: 2008 Quality Management System
 - DIN EN ISO 14001: 2009 environmental management system certification

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