Gears and Gearboxes

We produce the following gears:

  • Milling of gears: Straight and helical gears from module 0.3 to 12, from Ø 8 to 1,000 mm.
  • Grinding of teeth: A.) generating grinding module 1-6, to quality 6, max. Ø 800 mm. B.) profile grinding outer module 2-18, up to grade 3, 50 mm - 450 mm and inner module 1-12, Ø 90 - 400mm. With Kapp Niles machine Year 2014
  • Sprockets: division 6 to 38.1 with the hobbing
  • Bevel gears with straight teeth poking: Module 0,5 - 10, Ø 10 - 400 mm
  • Internal teeth poking: Module 0.5 - 6 until 7 quality, Ø 80-400 mm and tooth width / tooth height max. 125 mm long.
  • Screw shafts: Module 1-12, max. 4 accessible, by turning, milling & grinding
  • Worm Gears: Module 1-12, max. 4 accessible, turn by milling
  • Serrations and many other gear parts with assembly of components

We manufacture according to customer's drawing & after pattern. We also make repairs of gears.

This creates all kinds of teeth, for example, spur gears, bevel gears, and internal gearing. Self-toothed segments, Timing Belts, Stirnradwellen, spiral bevel gears, drive shafts, pinion, Distributor Gear, intermediate pinions, sun gears, sprockets, Ritz shafts, worm shafts, & worm gears 1 to 4 accessible, spline shafts, belt pulleys, racks.

Click here to gain a visual impression of what we do in the drive systems technology sector. Naturally, we offer a lot more than what you see here, but a full elaboration of all our services would be beyond the scope of this gallery.

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