Our mission of TPS GmbH



We bring our customers and suppliers trust as long term technology partners in the areas of drive technology, turning and milling technologies and technology sheet.

We support our customers with our reliability, flexibility in all areas of cooperation.

"We take on tasks professionally or not!"


We support each other in all areas.

We live clean and tidy and are sustainable and environmentally conscious.

We are a team     "We are TPS"

We live kindness and mutual respect.


We always pay attention to the quality of our manufactured products and services, in the production as well as in administration.

We continuously strengthen our market position and grow through our competence and reliability.

Our motto is: "Quality meets Price"


We always pay attention to a profit-oriented action and decision ways.

We always think of the company's point of view, because we are part of it.

"Each of us is an entrepreneur".


We take responsibility and solve emerging problems consciously.

We pay attention to the handling of our machines, tools, computers and tools, we are aware of an increase and maintain these.

We share the responsibility of confidentiality agreements for our customers.

"We take care of us"

Turning and Milling Technology

Laser Technologie

Drive Systems Technology

Sheet-Metal Technology